Building with passion is my life purpose. The search for a higher level, the next challenge, remains with me to this day and lets me do what I do best. My education led me from bricklayer to architect. On this path, I transformed from a Swiss into a cosmopolitan, while the projects from central Switzerland morphed into projects all over the world. I naturally accompany, control and shape projects. It all began with the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. This was followed by the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Audi Pavilion at IAA 2013 and 2015, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the Emmental Visitor Centre in Switzerland. My motivation is embedded in the curiosity and the joy of exploring new things. In addition, I can always be won over for a ski run or a hike in nature. Plus, of course, I also like to spend time with my wife and my family.


“Don’t go where others have gone before.” This sentence shaped me from a young age and stuck with me from my carpenter apprenticeship throughout my career which took me around the globe as a project manager for exhibitions and booth construction. I was fascinated with China, where I supervised the Bosch Roadshow, the Expo in Shanghai and the Jazz Festival in Hainan. Overall, I spent five years in Asia, got to know the languages and cultures, and I discovered my passion for unique building projects. Outside of work, I am inspired by the taste and the smells of the kitchens around the world. Markets magically attract me and inspire me to find new ingredients. Happiness is cooking a dinner for my family and friends at my home in Berlin. This replicates the feeling our clients have when creative solutions emerge from global experience.


Exhibition construction, a customer-oriented design and the related business management are second nature to my personality. I have developed, calculated, purchased, planned and implemented all kinds of communication projects; in agencies as well as in production and construction companies. My goal as a consultant has always been to develop and implement individual solutions for my clients and their target groups. My passion is to drive a project from the first planning stages to an inspiring reality. I carry my curiosity and dedication from project to project, even after more than 25 years of experience.


My basis for project-related work was certainly laid in my initial education as a draftswomen. Curiosity and sport quickly catapulted me into an international world. During my years abroad as a professional skydiver, I learned to adapt to new environments and to negotiate with different mentalities, cultures and nationalities. As Marketing Director at Windoor SL, I was able to combine my creativity and conceptual work.  Even if my life path has drawn a wide arc over the years or precisely because of this, I am looking forward, to bring my qualities and experience to bear in a dynamic and international surrounding. Networked and solution-oriented thinking, as well as positive appearance are among my strengths. My sporting background is still part of me and if I don't run across the fields with my dog, you find me by or on the water.


I combine experience from high-quality trade fair construction in the automotive industry all over the world with know-how from large projects in temporary construction. I never lose focus on business and love working towards a new goal, such as opening an exhibition. In my private life you can find me a lot outdoors in nature, on the mountain with skies, by the lake on a hike or my bike. My secret is probably the service gene that I bring from my years in the hotel industry and in the event area. The world is my home and I realized projects in the following cities: Mexico City, Sao Paulo, New Delhi, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Miami, Istanbul, Casablanca, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bologna, Milan, Paris, Lyon, Frankfurt, Munich , Bochum, Brussels, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Nitra, Brno, Zagreb, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Basel, Zurich, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne.


As an enthusiastic lover of Challenges, I went through different Construction, Production and Management Industries, at the constant research of new ways to raise the technical bar. Ever fascinated by Materials and Design I thrive to constantly push reality through new shapes, as the forms and details can always make the difference. Forged by sports, mainly through 13 years as a semi-pro in the Italian Highest American Football League, I’ve learnt to use the «Teamwork» power in every moment of my career, always taking the best from every person I’ve worked with. Creative mind also in my free time, I constantly keep myself learning and improving, by studying, cooking, gardening, craftworking and traveling.


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