we create innovative solutions
for live communication,
culture and art
What drives us, are YOUR ideas and projects, which we realize with great
experience and passion. We are general contractors (GC’s), project managers
as well as quantity surveyors in the fields of temporary and scenografical
architecture. As GC’s we are your contact and take on the responsibility
for the realization of your room installations.


Our key word is dialogue – this is where we excel. We know from experience that listening creates win-win situations, especially if in-depth exchange leads to nifty ideas and solutions being integrated cleverly. This is your ultimate benefit.

We will deliver pavilions, exhibitions, road shows, expos and art installations.

Expect more from us. Our service comprises successful planning, taking on project responsibility, all construction and dismantling work, implementation management, and more. We can do this in whole or in part, because we are flexible. That is why we frequently interact with you and your team. And that is how you benefit.

Contact us and challenge us with your ideas. Together, we will find ways to turn them into reality.


We know that only an optimally assembled team makes the impossible possible. That’s why we are determined to assemble characters and talents fit for purpose. Values such as respect, honesty and openness are expected and upheld at all time.

This motivates our teams and enables them to implement projects quickly because they know that everyone can depend on each other.


Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We achieve this with a team that is tailored to each respective project. The world is a global village for us, in which we network internationally with the latest means of communication. The reduction of CO2 emissions as well as lower travel costs are attractive side effects, as we connect virtually and across time zones.

We support your project development, scheduling and budgeting. Thereafter, we execute all planning work for you and take care of approval planning and obtaining documents, tender documents, as well as ongoing implementation support.


For us, the definition of construction, cooperation and partnership is the ease with which we implement and bring to life even the most extravagant ideas.

Imagine that today is your opening day. D-day, so to speak. Now that your business is launching, we are proud to have been your partner in enabling the customer conversations, first tours of the facility, and the amazement reflected in your customers’ smiles.

Our core competency is to imagine, to develop and to build. Because we are professionals when it comes to temporary buildings.

  • Pavilions for expo, sports, marketing and cultural events
  • Exhibition construction
  • Marketing and brand spaces as well as exhibition facilities
  • Interior fit-outs from offices to reception areas


kpm3 embodies today’s state-of-the-art when it comes to the planning and erection of temporary construction projects. You will find our projects at trade fairs, events, exhibitions, visitor centers, pavilions and world exhibitions.

The work we do, we do for you – and for your team. For your visitors and customers. Your buildings are our projects.


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Grossholzstrasse 6a
CH – 8253 Diessenhofen
T + 41 52 654 1371

Herzbergstrasse 120
D – 10365 Berlin
T +49 30 9173 9770

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